Remote TPM Monitoring Solution

With the advent of Industry 4.0, LogFuze took a holistic approach on our TPM solution to maintain equipments that strives to achieve perfect production without any breakdowns, defects, etc. by combining Internet of Things and the traditional TPM module for our Remote TPM Solution.

Our solution emphasises proactive and preventive maintenance to maximize the OEE(Overall equipment efficiency) for the equipment. It blurs the distinction between the roles of the production and maintenance by placing a strong significance on empowering operations to help maintaining the equipment for greater productivity.

The implementation of a TPM program creates a shared responsibility for an equipment that encourages greater involvement from the workers even though it nullifies the manual inputs . This will be very effective in increasing productivity and managing the inventory.


How it works?

A manufacturing plant typically consists of both new-age and legacy machines. Here, some of the legacy machines might face the impediment of not being able to export any data. In such cases, sensors are used to garner the required data from these machines. Whilst in the case of the new-age machines which have the advantage of getting connected to the internet, all it needs is an IoT enabler to be used as an gateway. However, due to the harsh conditions prevailing in the plants, it is imperative that the IoT enablers and the sensors that will be used has the endurance to withstand any kind of hostility and to work with diligence.

Once connected, the data from the machines shall be securely transmitted to our cloud which monitors it and perform analysis on them. The Remote Monitoring feature enables the user to constantly monitor and keep tabs on the status of the machines and momentarily send alerts and notifications when anomalies arise. With the collected data OEE shall be calculated and with this visibility it will help the supervisors and the managers to plan and optimize their production schedules.Our cloud based TPM solution will monitor and measure the manufacturing process effectively in order to reduce the wastage and the costs incurred to minimal levels. With the availability of data we will be able to provide a comprehensive analysis of OEE to ultimately increase the production and to make sure it is of top quality without being subjected to any breakdowns and defects. Our solution has proven results of a 15% substantial increase in the OEE.

Operational Effectiveness

Drive Growth. Reduce wastage. Increase profits and business intelligence.

Real time OEE

Get real time OEE at machine/layout levels.

Real time Monitoring

Monitor the operation and performance of your assets and put them to better use.

Asset Management

Get instantaneous alerts and notifications to efficiently manage your assets.