Technological innovations have substantially improved the productivity of laboratories and enhance efficiency by integrating and forming alliances in order to obtain maximum output and to manage and control of the instruments efficiently. Assuming that you have already read out previous blog (HoraData IoT Healthcare for OEM), we now tell you about how our product HoraData is offered to our IoT customers in the healthcare industry, and by customers we generally include laboratories, research institutes, hospitals .etc.

Problems that occur in instruments shouldn’t be taken lightly because, in retrospect these problems has always been the transparent or the opaque cause for the downtime in lab. Constant remote monitoring and proper services can extend the life of any laboratory instrument and increase its productivity. Unfortunately, even with constant monitoring, and sometimes from lack of maintenance, instruments can break down, sometimes at the worst possible time. The subsequent chain of events, including the work of an instrument which is been halted may lead to increased technician frustration, lost work hours and resources. Fortunately, there is a way to reduce instrument breakdowns and related service costs so your team can focus and be uninterrupted, in your work.

The following are the features that we offer for our HoraData IoT healthcare customers:

Cross-vendor Instrument Monitoring system

Laboratory maintenance is one of the vital factor when it comes to service in healthcare industry. The lab basically consists of various instruments delegated to perform their own respective tasks. These instruments need not have to be from the same manufacturer. The lab generally has several instruments brought from multiple manufacturers. When an instrument is operating, huge amount of poly-structured data is produced and on a serious note, not everyone makes use of these data. But we, having known the credibility of these data, make a humongous use of it. Having said that, this process of data generation is common to all types of instruments irrespective of the manufacturers. A small gadget called an IoT interface is used to collect these data from various instruments. The work of this gadget is to gather all the data that is being generated in the instrument and securely push it to our cloud based HoraData IoT Analytics Platform. This IoT interface works as a gateway here. When an error is spotted, the data is meaningfully categorized, creating tickets and sending it to third party customer service. Thus the whole laboratory is subjected to monitored in real time as one, even though the lab has multiple manufacturers instruments. We call this feature Cross-vendor Monitoring System.

Cross-vendor Engineering Escalation System

We know that the entire laboratory is monitored by HoraData. Say an instrument is subjected to an error or malfunction which hinders its working state, a ticket with a detailed error certificate is automatically generated by HoraData and is sent to the help desk, stating them with root cause of the error which reasons the problem so that the issue is sorted out at the earliest ultimately nullifying the downtime factor, also a corresponding report is created and an alert is notified to that operating personnels in the laboratory by HoraData. Hence, the support staff are provided with an extended knowledge to get a clear picture of what’s happening with the instrument. This helps to spot trouble areas and rule in/rule out sources of error. The key thing in this feature is one is able to view all the tickets that has been raised from various instruments all at the same place. This in turn helps in managing the performance of the instruments. This is the concept of the Cross-vendor Engineering Escalation system.

We offer a comprehensive approach that you can deploy with focuses on ensuring the integrity, accuracy and authenticity of your laboratory results, no matter how complex the process is. Our compliance services include calibration test to check wether the system is in a good working condition, the quality control test to know the range of analytes and the reagent utilization tests to keep a track of reagent expiration and it’s quantity for usage. We offer the above mentioned services as a whole package.

A laboratory generally accustomed to running its instruments despite quality issues and frequent work programs. That is why we LogFuze, are here to offer our services to our customers to improve your lab efficiency. Our services ultimately improves the quality, minimizes unplanned downtime, saves money, and gives timely results and performance.