Diesel generators are useful appliances that supply electrical power during a power outage and prevent discontinuity of daily activities or disruption of business operations. According to McKinsey & company, 35–55% of companies in Africa, Middle east and South Asia own diesel generators which can bring about a potential economic impact of 25–100 billion annually in 2025.


Often customers face problems such as remote monitoring of the generator, fuel level monitoring, human dependency, the quality of grid power, capturing real time data, etc. These generators generally provide years of dependable service if maintained well. Hence it all culminates to the condition and maintenance of the diesel generator to make sure it goes about the work assigned to it without any hurdles. In this blog, we will tell you about the latest solution LogFuze has in store for generator monitoring.

HoraData’s Diesel Generator Monitoring

The main use of HoraData’s generator monitoring system is not only to monitor the performance but also to execute the early diagnosis of developing problems such that they don’t advance to shut-down failures. Then again, what makes HoraData stands out unlike our contemporary products is that its ability to master the process of load distribution.

We offer a comprehensive set of parameters that makes sure the generator is in good working condition. Some of our parameters include power output, load, fuel status, temperature, battery status, voltage, current, oil pressure. etc. We provide dashboards with periodical reports and graphs for the same on a daily/weekly/monthly basics. We also provide alarm system based on the requirement of the customer.


How it works??

The working process of HoraData’s Diesel Generator Monitoring System is pretty simple. We integrate the generator with an IoT controller. This IoT controller provides a 2-way connection. It acts as a gateway for the data to pass through and these data are then pushed to HoraData’s cloud based platform. These data are continuously monitored and processed for uninterrupted work and if in case any anomalies are spotted a ticket is raised and the issue is flagged to be sorted out.

If a generator is subjected to a malfunction which hinders its working state, a ticket with a detailed error certificate is automatically generated by HoraData and is sent to the help desk, stating them with the root cause of the malfunction which reasons the problem so that the issue is sorted out at the earliest ultimately nullifying the downtime factor, also a corresponding report is created and an alert is notified to that operating personnel of the generator by HoraData. Hence, the support staff are provided with an extended knowledge to get a clear picture of what’s happening with the generator. This helps to spot trouble areas and rule in/rule out sources of error. The key features of this product are one is able to view all the tickets that has been raised from different generators at various locations all at the same time. Also, based upon the load requirement, the IoT controller is capable of making a rational decision on which generator is needed to be running in order to produce enough power. This in turn helps in reducing the complexity and maintaining the performance of the generators. This process is called Cross-vendor Engineering system.

Using HoraData’s generator monitoring system, you can now monitor your generators anytime, anywhere and keep tabs on the day to day operations with ease and instantly review reports over the internet via a secure web.