Non destructive testing is exactly as the name implies – testing that is performed without destroying or impacting the integrity of the item tested. A diverse range of industries use NDT for detecting defects and irregularities and assessing safety in equipment and assets, and the growing need to utilise NDT is a result of companies looking to extend the asset life of their plant facilities in addition to adhering to increased regulation.

The oil and gas industry drives the economic engine of several of its largest economies, the need for innovation in the oil and gas value chain is critical to its continued growth and success.

The Internet of Things (IoT), which basically integrates sensing, communications, and analytics capabilities, has been simmering for a while. But it is ready to boil over, as the core enabling technologies have improved to the point that its widespread adoption seems likely.

The IoT’s promise lies not in helping O&G companies directly manage their existing assets, supply chains, or customer relationships—rather, IoT technology creates an entirely new asset: information about these elements of their businesses.

Basically when the NDT testings are done to the pipes and the other mediums all the testing details with the accurate data is uploaded to the cloud provided by HoraData where it can be viewed, analysed and used for later purposes.