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Make your own IOT prototype without the worry of developing a software.

Horavue | IoT Visualization Software

Horavue is a SaaS based Open IoT Visualization software that helps to collect, storage, visualize and analyze real time data streams from your machines. It’s a simple software solution for all of the OEM’s IoT R&D developers, IoT Startups and IoT researchers. With this application, you can monitor live data streams with meaningful format. Developers can access and share data at anytime with anyone.


To View Horavue through a web browser, please ensure your system meets the following requirements.

Browser Settings

Cookies enabled

Pop-ups enabled

JavaScript enabled

Supported Devices

The device which is IOT enabled can send data to the Horavue cloud to view it. To communicate with Horavue, the device must support simple HTTP GET/POST request, MQTT Publish/Subscribe pattern.


Create Your First IoT Data Stream

The guide below gives you the step-by-step procedure to create your IoT Stream with Horavue.


A Stream is a space in which all the pre-defined data are stored.

Step1 : Sign in to Horavue account or create new account to sign in.

Step2 : Click New Stream button.

New stream

Step3 : Enter Stream name, Stream display name and stream description.

Step4 : Select data sending mode that the device supports from the list.

Step5 : Enter Key for a maximum of 30.

Key set

The parameters of sensors or Devices defined as a key and one or more keys used for a stream is collectively called as a key set.

Step6 : Click New Stream to create a stream.

Send data to your stream

The guide below gives you the step-by-step procedure to send IoT machine data to your Stream.

Step1 : Click View Format.

Step2 : Use the URL to write data to the stream

Data Format

Data format defined as the URL of a stream in Horavue for which the user is intended to send the data. If the data isn't address to it's relevant data format, the data might be lost.

Visualize IoT Data

The guide below gives you the step-by-step procedure to visualize your IoT machine data.

Step1 : Click on “Viewer” from left panel.

Step2 : Select the Stream to view the messages sent from IoT Device.

Step3 : The IoT data list page will be displayed.


Device Message, which exceeds the limit that will be considered as Discarded.

Edit Stream

The guide below gives you the step-by-step procedure to edit your IoT stream data.

Step1 : Click on “Edit Stream” icon from Dashboard page.

Step2 : The Edit Stream page will be displayed.

Delete Stream

Procedure to delete your IoT stream.

Step1 : Click on “Delete Stream” button from Edit Stream page


The user can not retrieve the data once the stream is deleted.

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